Anal Extreme Myths

What is Anal extreme Penetration?

I would say its penetration by a huge cock, more than none cock, extreme fingering and gape , fisting or large anal extreme toys


OK, so you want to try anal extreme?

Will it hurt?  Hell yes………..

Anal extreme is all in the preparation.  You need to be really turned on, very relaxed but the most important thing is very clean!!!

You will need to get some  of the tools of the trade and be ready fro your anal extreme penetration.  You can buy relaxing anal lube designed to loosen and lubricate.  You may also try poppers or amyl nitrates room odourisers which have a relaxing effect on the muscles


Is it dangerous

As long as you maintain hygiene and respect limits then no.  To prevent STIs then use a condom that is designed for anal and is compatible with your lube.


Is it illegal to try anal extreme sex?

Nope not where I am from, unless its with a goat!


Read more about anal extreme

Wikipedia has this to say about anal extreme.  This also cover legality and morality.


The best advice is to watch some anal extreme videos and see what the experts do!  You will see there are girls who have amazing gushing orgasms and cum multiple times from anal penetration

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